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Hello, I'm Nathan Neil. At the core of my work is a belief in the traznsformative power of technology. With LaunchUX, we're redefining the digital landscape, one innovative marketing strategy at a time. Solinkit stands at the intersection of technology and practicality. I'm all about making the complex simple, and turning big ideas into reality.

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Each venture is fueled by a commitment to quality and a vision to empower our clients through cutting-edge technology and creative marketing.

Collaboration and Group Think; They Define Success

Always open to consider collaboration opportunities and offer several affiliate programs.

Collaborative Affiliate Program

A few years ago, alongside my Vice President at LaunchUX, we conceptualized an innovative affiliate program designed to empower Managed Service Providers (MSPs). This initiative offers a streamlined avenue for MSPs to offer website services, without the necessity of maintaining an in-house team. Rooted in a mutually beneficial philosophy, this program not only simplifies the process for MSPs but also expands their service offerings, enhancing value to their clients and fostering collaborative success in the digital space.

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Visit Nathan's private blog for information on innovation, business development, and a variety of other useful topics.

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